Intramedullary nailing for tibial shaft fractures in adults

Added April 9, 2013

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There are a variety of intramedullary nails and associated techniques available and widely used, but it is not clear which is the best method since there is insufficient evidence to draw definitive conclusions.

Fractures of the tibial shaft (breaks in the bone situated in the long middle section of the tibia or shin bone) are mostly caused by high-energy trauma. These fractures are major injuries and can result in severe permanent disability. Other serious complications include infection and compartment syndrome, where a dangerous build-up of pressure from internal bleeding restricts or cuts off the blood supply to the surrounding tissues. Intramedullary nailing is commonly used for treating these types of fractures. This review assesses the effects (benefits and harms) of different methods and types of intramedullary nailing for treating tibial shaft fractures in adults.