Effectiveness of peridomestic space spraying with insecticide on dengue transmission

Added February 21, 2017

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There is no clear evidence for recommending peridomestic space spraying as a single, effective control intervention.

Although peridomestic space spraying is commonly applied by national dengue control programmes, there are very few studies evaluating the effectiveness of this intervention. The systematic review aims to investigate the effectiveness of peridomestic space spraying of insecticides in reducing wild Aedes populations and interrupting dengue transmission. Fifteen studies were included in this review. Peridomestic space spraying is best applied as part of an integrated vector management strategy. Thirteen studies showed reductions in immature entomological indices, but these were not sustained. The remaining studies showed the interventions were ineffective. The effectiveness of this intervention should be measured in terms of impact on both adult and immature mosquito populations, as well as on disease transmission. The authors did not assess the risk of bias of the included studies.