Benefit of insecticide-treated nets, curtains and screening on vector borne diseases, excluding malaria: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Added November 7, 2016


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Insecticide-Treated Nets (ITNs), Insecticide-Treated Curtains (ITCs), and Insecticide-Treated Screening (ITS) have good potential to reduce Vector Borne Diseases (VBDs).

ITNs, ITCs, and ITS are the main preventive measures used for the deadly disease, malaria. The same interventions may have benefit on controlling other vector borne diseases. The aim of this review was to look at the effectiveness of ITNs, ITCs, and ITS against nine major diseases transmitted by insects. Twenty-one (21) studies were included in the review – nine for cutaneous leishmaniasis, five for dengue, one Japanese encephalitis, three lymphatic filariasis and three visceral leishmaniasis. Results showed that ITNs have high protective efficacy against cutaneous leishmaniasis; and ITCs and ITS (with weaker evidence) have potential in preventing other VBDs. It is noted though that studies on the cutaneous leishmaniasis are of low quality and with high risk of bias.