Evidence Aid becomes Oxford PharmaGenesis’s annual charity of the year

Oxford PharmaGenesis is proud to announce that its annual charity donation is being made to Evidence Aid, an Oxford-based UK charity that champions evidence-based humanitarian action in places threatened by disaster.

Disasters and emergencies affect millions of people every year, destroying lives and livelihoods. Before and in the aftermath, it is vital that those involved in delivering assistance have access to the best available evidence to guide their actions. The right evidence, in the right form, in the right hands, can maintain health and save lives.

In humanitarian research, as in the healthcare field in which Oxford PharmaGenesis operates, policymakers and practitioners can find it difficult to keep on top of the latest developments. Not all research relevant to disasters is readily accessible, often because it is not in the right format or language for policymakers or because it is simply not published open access. In addition, research is not always carried out to a consistent standard and the recommendations for practitioners are not always clear.

Working both before and after disasters, Evidence Aid aims to ensure that humanitarian agencies have access to the very latest evidence. Its evidence summaries, which are available in English, French and Spanish, are designed to be clear and simple, enabling practitioners to design and deliver the interventions most likely to be effective.

In 2019, Evidence Aid took part in the global response to the catastrophic new outbreak of Ebola virus disease in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Its collection of high-quality research on the prevention and treatment of Ebola is being constantly updated and has been used by the World Health Organization to support health ministries across sub-Saharan Africa in their responses to the threat from the virus.