Our team

Leadership Team

Claire Allen

Claire Allen – Programme Operations Manager

Claire has been with Evidence Aid since the very beginning. She worked for Cochrane for 15 years, during which time Evidence Aid was born as a project within the Cochrane family. When Evidence Aid became an independent entity, Claire moved over to become its first (and, for some time, only) member of staff. Claire is responsible for Evidence Aid’s programme of research resources and works with our very committed advisors and volunteers to ensure that those resources are usable, useful and used.

Mike Clarke

Mike Clarke – Research Director Emeritus

Mike Clarke is one of the founders of Evidence Aid, helping to establish the initiative in the aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunami of December 2004. He is Professor and Director of the All-Ireland Hub for Trials Methodology Research at the Centre for Public Health in Queen’s University Belfast. Before this, he was Director of the UK Cochrane Centre. Mike has worked on several large randomized trials and dozens of systematic reviews in a wide range of areas. As our volunteer Research Director Emeritus, Mike has advisory oversight on all Evidence Aid’s work and is also the Chair of our Board of Trustees.


Team members

Margaret Anderson

Margaret Anderson – COVID-19 Volunteer Co-ordinator

Margaret has over 30 years experience working as a professional librarian in various healthcare and educational settings. In 2010, she took up her current role as Cochrane Information Specialist for the Developmental, Psychosocial and Learning Problems group. As an Evidence Aid volunteer, Margaret runs regular searches to identify systematic reviews for the COVID-19 collection, and coordinates the work of the team of volunteers who screen the results.

Chiara Anfuso – COVID-19 Intern

Chiara is in her final academic year of a first university degree in International Relations and Organizations (BSc) at  Leiden University and has a strong interest in crisis management. She is an Intern with Evidence Aid providing project management support, editing and providing feedback for the first draft of summaries for the COVID-19 project and also drafts summaries when time allows.

Kaleigh Beauvais- COVID-19 Intern

Kaleigh is a recent graduate of the M.Sc. in Global Health program from McMaster University in Canada. She has a strong interest in international development especially as it relates to migrant and refugee health and is passionate about social and sustainable development around the world. Kaleigh works with the team to write and edit combined and individual summaries within Evidence Aid’s COVID-19 collection.

Anish Jammu

Anish Jammu – Project Management Intern

Anish is a MSc student in the Global Health program at McMaster University with a strong interest in evidence-based medicine and knowledge translation. As an intern with Evidence Aid, Anish provides project management support in the revision of summaries for the COVID-19 collection to ensure the collection is relevant and informative to decision-makers by editing and providing feedback on the first draft of summaries that volunteer writers provide.

Sydney Johnson – COVID-19 Intern

Sydney has recently completed a M.Sc. in Global Health at McMaster University with an interest in evidence-based research and knowledge translation. She works with the team to provide editing and feedback on completed single review summaries within Evidence Aid’s COVID-19 collection..

Christine McKee

Christine McKee – Researcher

Christine is a Public Health doctor in Northern Ireland and Visiting Scholar at Queen’s University Belfast. Christine is a member of our research team, working on a range of aspects from categorising identified reviews, providing feedback to summary writers, and working on combined summaries of review topics.