Zika virus: An updated review of competent or naturally infected mosquitoes

Added May 2, 2018

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CulexAnopheles, and most of Aedes species were observed to be refractory to ZIKV infection, other potential vectors transmitting ZIKV should be explored.

This systematic review aimed to evaluate whether studies performed on ZIKV vectors have brought enough evidence to formally exclude mosquitoes other than the Aedes species (and particularly Aaegypti) as ZIKV vectors. Sixty articles were included in the review; 37 were related to ZIKV vector competence and 23 corresponded to mosquitoes naturally infected in the field. ZIKV was isolated from 16 different Aedes species. The only species other than Aedesfor which ZIKV was isolated were AcoustaniAgambiaeCperfuscus, and Muniformis. Aaegypti and Aedes albopictus were competent for ZIKV, as well as some other Aedes species, and there was controversy surrounding Culex quinquefasciatus competence.  The quality of the articles was not assessed.