Telehealth interventions may decrease hospitalization and length of stay

Added April 26, 2020

Citation: Kalankesh LR, Pourasghar F, Nicholson L, et al. Effect of telehealth interventions on hospitalization indicators: a systematic review. Perspectives in Health Information Management 2016; 13: 1

What is this? The COVID-19 pandemic is placing a strain on health services. Existing research on the effects of telehealth may provide information to help with this.

In this systematic review, the authors searched for research that evaluated the effects of all types of telehealth (e.g. phone calls, videoconferencing, etc.) on hospitalization and length of stay. They restricted their search to articles published in English between January 2005 and November 2013. They included 22 studies (total: 19,086 participants), including 14 randomized trials and 8 observational studies.

What was found: Telehealth may decrease hospitalizations and length of stay in hospital.

Telehealth may be an effective solution for providing healthcare to people with chronic disease.


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