Stakeholders’ experiences with the evidence aid website to support ‘real-time’ use of research evidence to inform decision-making in crisis zones: a user testing study

Added January 7, 2020

Are you a humanitarian decision-maker working in a crisis zone? Are you a humanitarian aid organization looking to ensure the effectiveness of your interventions? Then our study is for YOU.

We continue to hear from many decision-makers in crisis zones wanting research evidence in ‘real-time’ to help them answer burning questions. Evidence websites have the potential to address this challenge. Evidence Aid is the only evidence website designed for crisis zones that focuses on providing research evidence in the form of systematic reviews.

We conducted a qualitative user-testing study to collect interview data from more than 30 stakeholders around the world and from diverse professionals background about their impressions of Evidence Aid. Our study presents a non-affiliated examination of the use of Evidence Aid by a diverse array of stakeholders working  in crisis zones. Our participants identified seven specific suggestions about how to improve Evidence Aid, many of which can also be applied to other evidence websites.

Finally, our study provides valuable insight on the information needs of stakeholders working in crisis zones & how best to meet their knowledge needs. Want to find out more, click on this open access link to read our article, watch the video here or email me for any questions you might have. We would love to hear from all of you! Let us work together to push efforts to support evidence-informed decision making in crisis zones further faster.