Reduced osmolarity oral rehydration solution for treating dehydration caused by acute diarrhoea in children

Added April 12, 2013

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In children admitted to hospital with diarrhoea, reduced osmolarity ORS [total osmolarity ≤ 250 mmol/L with reduced sodium] when compared to WHO standard ORS [90 mmol/L sodium, 111 mmol/L glucose, total osmolarity 311 mmol/L] is associated with fewer unscheduled intravenous fluid infusions, lower stool volume post randomization, and less vomiting. No additional risk of developing hyponatraemia when compared with WHO standard ORS was detected.

Note: Since the publication of this review, the WHO standard has changed to a reduced osmolarity ORS.

Children with diarrhoea lose body water and sometimes become dehydrated. ORS (sugar and salt dissolved in water) is widely used to treat dehydration caused by diarrhoea. This review compares two formulations of ORS with different osmolarities in children with acute diarrhoea.