Rapid review of the inclusion of people with disabilities and older people in gender-based violence humanitarian interventions

Added July 9, 2019

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Promising practices for disability and older age inclusion in gender-based violence programs in humanitarian settings are largely focused on women and girls with disabilities. Such practices include:

  • Integrating questions on disability into needs assessments;
  • Developing training and tools on disability inclusion for GBV practitioners;
  • Organizations of women with disabilities leading projects on GBV and disability.

The review also identified gaps and opportunities within this sector. Although there is a growing body of evidence to demonstrate that older people experience increased risks of GBV their access to and utilisation of lifesaving GBV services is limited. There is also a lack of evidence on the outcomes of disability and older age inclusion (DOAI) interventions in humanitarian settings. This rapid review aimed to: 1. Improve understanding of how people with disabilities and older people are included in GBV interventions; 2. Assess how strategies for DOAI are aligned with the recently published Humanitarian Inclusion Standards (HIS) for Older People and People with Disabilities; 3. Identify and document positive practice examples of inclusion of people with disabilities and older people in GBV interventions.

The Review was commissioned by Elrha and conducted by VOICE.