Prevention of sexual transmission of Zika virus

Added August 9, 2017

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Prevention of sexual transmission of Zika virus: World Health Organization. Interim guidance update 6 September 2016 WHO/ZIKV/MOC/16.1 Rev.3

This document is an update of guidance published on 7 June 2016 to provide advice on the prevention of sexual transmission of Zika virus (ZIKV). This guidance is for the general public, health care workers and policy makers to provide information on appropriate sexual practices in the context of ZIKV.

The recommended length of time for safer sex practices for asymptomatic males returning from areas with active ZIKV transmission was extended from 8 weeks to 6 months. This is the same length of time as is recommended for symptomatic males. This recommendation now also applies to females, whether they have had symptoms or not. A 6-month duration of safer sexual practice is recommended. The current evidence on persistence of ZIKV in semen, its infectiousness and impact on sexual transmission remains limited.