Performance Assessment of Communicable Disease Surveillance in Disasters: A Systematic Review

Added March 11, 2015

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Despite the importance of performance assessment in improving CDS in response to disasters, there is a lack of clear and accepted frameworks. There is no agreement on the use of existing criteria and indices. The only relevant framework is the CDC guidelines- a common framework for assessing public health surveillance systems as a whole. There is an urgent need to develop appropriate frameworks, criteria and indices for specifically assessing the performance of CDS in response to disasters and other emergencies.

Disasters displace populations and interrupt routine communicable disease management (CDM) programs- an important component of health care programs in disaster response management. The most urgent task in CDM is establishment of a surveillance system for timely detection of any increase in disease occurrence and introduction of rapid control measure. This study aimed to identify indices and frameworks used to assess performance of communicable disease surveillance (CDS) in response to disasters and other emergencies.