Natural disasters and injuries: what does a surgeon need to know?

Added August 14, 2018

Citation: Bartholdson, S., & von Schreeb, J. Natural disasters and injuries: what does a surgeon need to know? Current Trauma Reports, 2018:1-6.

Research indicated earthquakes could require special surgical assistance, particularly for limb injuries, thus making orthopedic and plastic surgeries priority specialist areas. Other natural disasters, such as tsunamis, storms, floods, and wildfires, seem to lead to fewer major injuries.

This systematic review summarizes knowledge on injury patterns following natural sudden-onset disasters (SODs). Currently, there is limited knowledge on type of injuries following natural SODs. More detailed data is needed on specific injury patterns after natural disasters to determine if additional surgical assistance is needed and to what extent it could be needed to cater for normal surgical conditions, if existing health care has seized to function.


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