Microcephaly prevalence in infants born to Zika virus-infected women: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Added November 14, 2017

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The prevalence of microcephaly in babies born to women with Zika virus infection varies from 0% to 11% among all pregnancies.

The natural history of Zika virus infection is not well understood. The prevalence of babies affected by the virus is not well established. The review aimed to systematically identify published data and perform a meta-analysis to estimate the prevalence of microcephaly in babies born to Zika virus-infected women during pregnancy. Eight studies were included from the USA, Columbia, Brazil, Puerto Rico and French Guiana. The authors used meta-anlysis to provide an estimate of pooled prevalence, however heterogeneity was high indicating that the studies were too dissimilar to combine statistically. The reasons for the dissimilarities was not investigated, but the authors state that mixed samples of women infected at different pregnancy times was a limitation. The quality of the studies was not considered in the analysis.