L’impact de la détention sur la santé des demandeurs d’asile

Added January 23, 2018

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There is some evidence that suggests a detrimental effect of detention on the mental health of asylum seekers. The significance of the effects lies in a range of clinical significance, despite the fact that the compared groups used in the primary studies had to deal with a range of similar post-migration problems and had a more or less traumatic experience. similar as an asylum seeker in detention. The detrimental effects on mental health were noted not only during the asylum seeker’s detention period, but also after they were released, suggesting that the psychological effect of detention may last well beyond. of the moment of release into the community. The conclusions should be interpreted with caution, however, since they are based on only three studies. Although more research is needed, the review does support the view that the detention of already traumatized asylum seekers could have detrimental effects on their mental health.