Épidémiologie de la toxicomanie chez les migrants forcés : revue systématique et globale

Added April 24, 2018

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Sixty-three studies were reviewed to determine the epidemiology of drug addiction among forced migrants worldwide. While the results were limited due to lack of data, the results suggest a greater need for interventions and research related to addiction.

Forced migrants can be a population at risk for substance abuse as a coping mechanism for traumatic experiences, concurrent mental disorders, acculturation challenges or economic inequality. Seven relevant databases were analyzed in September 2015 to identify original peer-reviewed articles describing outcomes related to alcohol or illicit drugs used among forced migrants around the world. The majority of studies have been conducted with refugees in high income settings. Estimates of the prevalence of unsafe / harmful alcohol consumption of the highest quality ranged from 17% to 36% in camps and 4% to 7% in community settings. Few studies have collected validated measures of illicit drug use.