Enhancing resilience to coastal flooding from severe storms in the USA: international lessons

Added August 15, 2018

Lumbroso D., Suckall N., Nicholls R., et al. Enhancing resilience to coastal flooding from severe storms in the USA: international lessons. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 2017:17;1357-73.

In low-income countries such as Cuba and Bangladesh, warning systems and effective shelter and evacuation systems, combined with high levels of disaster risk reduction and education, social cohesion, and trust between authorities and vulnerable communities can help to increase resilience to coastal hazards and tropical cyclones.

This systematic review aimed to understand how Cuba and Bangladesh have increased the resilience of their coastal flooding and tropical cyclones. In both countries, there is a high level of trust between national and local authorities, community leaders and the civil society. Consequently, evacuation warnings are taken seriously, are followed, and communities are well prepared. Transferable lessons include improving communication, increasing awareness of the risk posed by coastal surges, involving the education system, and building community networks with more trust.


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