Effect of micronutrient fortified milk and cereal food for infants and children

Added March 8, 2018

Citation: Eichler, K., Wieser, S., Rüthemann, I., et al. Effects of micronutrient fortified milk and cereal food for infants and children: a systematic review. BMC Public Health, (2012). 12(506). 1-13.

Multi micronutrient fortified (MMF) milk and cereal products can be an effective option to reduce anemia of children up to three years of age in developing countries. On the basis of our data the evidence for functional health outcomes is still inconclusive.

Malnutrition can be a problem in developing countries, especially for infants up to 2 years of age. In order to combat malnutrition, fortified food (such as milk or cereal products) may be advised as part of complementary feeding after 6 months of age. This review aimed to assess the impact of MMF milk and cereal food on the health outcomes of infants up to five years of age. Eighteen trials were included in this review, assessed for risk of bias using predefined forms. Results showed iron plus MMF to be more effective than single iron fortification for hematologic, and compared to non-fortified food, reduced risk of anemia as well as increased serum levels of vitamin A, but not of zinc. Evidence about functional health outcomes was inconclusive.


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