Dengue viral infections in Pakistan and other Asian countries: a comprehensive review

Added November 7, 2016

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Dengue is expanding geographically, especially in developing countries. In Pakistan, the incidence of Dengue has been extraordinary in metropolitan cities over the last couple of years.

Infections due to Dengue virus are widespread throughout the world with a high morbidity and mortality in Pakistan as well as in other Asian countries. The review explores the facts about the history, emergence and impact of Dengue in the region. Aedes aegypti was found to be a major vector for the transmission and spread of Dengue. Treatment comprises supportive therapy as no specific treatment exist. During the last couple of years, the incidence of Dengue was extraordinary in metropolitan cities of Pakistan. Efforts should be made to introduce effective control strategies to check its global expansion. The production of effective vaccine and antiviral therapy is strongly needed for the global eradication of Dengue epidemics.