Dengue in Latin America: systematic review of molecular epidemiological trends

Added May 11, 2017

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Dengue has spread significantly in Latin America & the Caribbean, both in geographic and in variety of serotypes.

Dengue disease, caused by mosquito-borne dengue virus is a globally significant public health concern in terms of size of at risk population and economic impact. This review describes the molecular epidemiological trends in dengue disease in Latin America and the Caribbean, 2000-2013, and identified knowledge gaps.Molecular epidemiological data was found for 22/27 countries in the region. It showed that from 2000-2013 there was an increase in both the number of countries with more than one DNV serotype (from 5 to 9), and in the number of countries with all 4 serotypes present (2 to 8). Only Honduras had fewer than 3 serotypes in 2013. It is important to continue epidemiological surveillance throughout the region ) to detect new lineages and to understand the regional patterns.