Adjuvant efficacy of nutrition support during pulmonary tuberculosis treating course

Added March 13, 2018

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During antiTB course, nutrition support may be helpful in treatment of TB patients by improving both sputum smears or culturenegative conversion rate and BMI, shortening the time of sputum conversion negative. Whether it can improve the final clinical effect, there still needs highlevel quality studies to confirm in the future.

TB can lead to nutrition deficiencies that may delay recovery. Nutritional support may encourage recovery in those being treated for TB. This study aimed to assess the effectiveness of nutrition support on promoting the recovery of adult pulmonary TB patients with anti‐TB drug therapy. Nineteen studies were included in the review. The authors concluded that nutrition support may be helpful in treatment of TB patients. Evidence came from measuring sputum smears- or culture-negative conversion rate. The authors acknowledged the likely presence of language bias, publication bias and the heterogeneity of the results dependent on how long support was provided.