A systematic review of nutritional supplementation in HIV-infected children in resource-limited settings

Added March 21, 2018

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Periodic vitamin A supplementation is associated with reduced mortality. Macronutrient supplementation is linked to improved anthropometrics. More research is needed to determine how nutritional supplementation benefits this particularly vulnerable population.

Malnutrition can be a major cause of death for children. Malnutrition is often treated with nutritional supplementation (NS), however the effects of NS on HIV-infected children are not well known. This review aimed to assess the effects of macro- and micronutrient supplementation on children <18 years old in low- and middle-income countries. Twenty-three studies were included for review, quality was assessed using Effective Public Health Practice Project guidelines. Results showed vitamin A to have a positive effect on mortality rates. Multiple-micronutrient supplementations did not show improvement for measured health outcomes. Ready-to-use foods were associated with improvement in certain anthropometrics.