Project Teams

Project Teams



Sumra Ali – Communications Assistant: WHO Knowledge Hub (Health EDRM)

Sumra graduated with a Bachelor of Health Studies from York University in Toronto, Canada. She has an interest in global health and humanitarian aid and is passionate about working in the non-profit health sector to improve the health outcomes of vulnerable populations. Sumra is currently working with the Evidence Aid team as a Communications Assistant to develop the WHO Knowledge Hub

Epaminondas La Bella – Knowledge Translation Manager: WHO Knowledge Hub (Health EDRM)

Epa is a science communication professional with work experience in communications within the context of scientific projects related to healthcare and public health. He has professional experience in different domains of science communication, varying from video editing, post-production, and graphic design to communication strategy planning and implementation. Epa has contributed to the COVID-19 Evidence Collection project of Evidence Aid as an intern for the Italian translations.

Cristián Mansilla – Senior Research Manager: PAHO Resilient Health Systems Collection

Cristián is currently a PhD student in the Health Policy program at McMaster University, and a research assistant at the McMaster Health Forum. He dedicated an important part of his professional career to supporting health policy making processes, using the best available research evidence. Through his work in this field, he contributed to the development and implementation of several policies at the Ministry of Health in Chile. He also founded and led the Evidence-Informed Policy Making Unit at the Ministry of Health in that country. He has contributed to close the gap between evidence production and uses by collaborating in important international projects and initiatives, such as EVIPNet and COVID-END. He is leading a team comprising Ana Beatriz Pizarro and Yasmeen Saeed for Phase 2 of the Resilient Health Systems evidence collection.

Jane McHugh – Information Specialist: PAHO Resilient Health Systems Collection

Jane has a BSc (Hons) in Biological Sciences and an MSc in Information and Library Studies. Science qualifying as a Librarian she has primarily worked in the area of Evidence Based Medicine, carrying out literature searches for Systematic Reviews and National Guidelines. Jane is supporting the PAHO Project Team to implement the search strategies and categorization for PAHO Resilient Health Systems Collection.


Ana Beatriz Pizarro – Junior Researcher: PAHO Resilient Health Systems Collection

Ana finished her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in the spring of 2021 and now works at the Research Center in Colombia at Fundación Valle del Lili. She’s passionate about evidence-based healthcare and systematic reviews and has been involved with Cochrane for the last three years where she has participated in different knowledge translation and active patient involvement initiatives through international networking experiences and improving possibilities for research collaborations. She is working with Cristián Mansilla and Yasmeen Saeed on Phase 2 of the Resilient Health Systems collection.

Yasmeen Saeed – Junior Researcher: PAHO Resilient Health Systems Collection

Yasmeen is a current MA candidate in the field of Health Policy and Equity at York University. She became passionate about strengthening the health of vulnerable communities by understanding the health and social disparities experienced, and the public policies and structures in place that contributed to them. Her research interests include critical health policy, social justice, health and social service access, and health and human rights. She is working with Cristián Mansilla and Ana Beatriz Pizarro on Phase 2 of the Resilient Health Systems collection, writing and editing summaries on relevant systematic reviews and identifying knowledge and evidence gaps.