Jonathan Abrahams

Jonathan Abrahams is the Director of the Accident Research Centre based at Monash University, Australia. Prior to that he worked in the Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Unit, Health Security Preparedness Department, WHO Health Emergencies Programme in Geneva playing key roles in advancing WHO’s global leadership in health emergency and disaster risk management (EDRM). As part of his Advisory role, he said “There’s a lot of talk about evidence but for many years Evidence Aid has had an unwavering  commitment to making evidence available that saves lives,  improves health systems, and provides foundations for advancing science and research. Evidence Aid has played vital roles in providing systematic reviews and in the delivery of  guidance, educational resources and workshops to strengthen health emergency and disaster risk management with partners such as WHO, governments and academia. I encourage further investment and partnering with Evidence Aid so that it can maintain and expand its valuable contributions to evidence-based practice, policy and capacity development across health, disaster risk management and research communities. 

Sidra Anam

Dr Sidra Anam has completed a PhD in Microbiology and Virology. She has worked as a Researcher in University of Minnesota USA writing scientific articles and reports.

Charles Ikem

Charles Ikem is a humanitarian innovation consultant with 15 years of experience working at the intersection of design, development and humanitarian innovation in Africa and Europe. He worked with M4ID now SCOPE in Helsinki, Paradigm Initiative and consulted for ITU, International Rescue Committee and Nesta in the UK. He has a PhD from the University of Granada, Spain and is on the Academic board member at Barcelona Technology School and Board member of the at Humanitarian Innovation Fund (ELRHA).